As a wild woman witch, I tend to structure my business and activity around the Pagan Wheel of The Year: 

Winter: I abide within my home mainly as well as rest and write to prepare for the birth of my new work in spring. 

Spring: At about Imbolc (Feb 1) I am ready to start birthing out my new content I started to weave during Winter. I will start to list my travel dates and teaching events. 

Summer: This is my Retreat and Travel Time of the year. This is where you will see the most of my creative and fresh work and in person events. 

Fall: This is where I will begin to scale back commitments, declutter, and refine my work over the past 6-8 months. I will start tying up loose ends and begin pulling back from heavy public and externalized forms of work. This is when I tend to take on the most Life Coaching Clients and creating Evergreen style workshops to add to my online school.

I tend to follow this schedule pretty well- as it serves this witch wonderfully.