Hello Wild One!

My name is Lauren, and I wear a lot of hats from Professional Astrologer, Intuitive Life Coach, Owner and Creator of The Wild Beloved online spiritual community, Wilde Hearts Modern Mystery School and the Wild Priestesx of the Age of Aquarius apprenticeship program to Witch and Witchy Mom to three boys πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

I am very much a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Teacher. I experienced a very long and dark initiation phase in the darkness of the underworld for most of my life until I had a crazy experience with Jesus in the evangelical church for nearly 10 years.

​I’ve been healed of many things ranging from deep suicidal depression and addiction as well as infertility and overall brokenness.

​Being a teacher and healer in the Christian Church taught me many things and I still work with Jesus as well as other forms of divine feminine energy, angels, and light energy guides since.

I had an incredibly difficult and traumatic time known as Dark Night of the Soul in 2015-2017 and begrudgingly deconstructed out of Evangelical Christianity using my intuition and the Mystic and Yogic Path.

I originally decided to let it all go October 2017 and find my own way, but Jesus and Grace drew me back in. I’m currently exploring many paths and draw deeply from The Mystic/Esoteric/Witchy/Shamanic Path and regardless of the grief I get from both sides- I choose to lovingly find my own sense of truth.

I work with people in many ways depending on the season, some of them are:
  • One on one in a transformational coaching dynamic ​
  • Reading clients natal charts as a Professional Astrologer and Tarot reader
  • Spiritual Teacher and Retreat Leader: I teach many workshops that focus on Esoteric Tools like astrology, shadow work, tarot, spiritual alchemy, yoga, somatics, aromatherapy, wellness and various forms of the mystical arts.
  • Deconstruction Work: I help Ex-Christians (exvangelicals) move out of spiritual trauma and constriction due to patriarchal based religious systems and help them heal.
  • The Wild Beloved: my online facebook spiritual community.
  • The Wild Beloved Podcast
  • 8-month Sacred Heirophant Coaching Program
  • The Wilde Hearts Coven on Patreon
  • Creator and teacher in my Wild Priestesx Apprenticeship program
I am a forever learner and self growth junkie and am currently on a self love journey.

I believe love is enough, with awareness and consciousness- love is enough.

If I can support you in anyway, please reach out.

Lauren- The Church Witch