What to expect

This is a Love/Relational focused 60-minute reading. I will use both astrology, tarot, and psychic channeling coupled with practical life advice.

This is not spell work nor manipulative. I can't promise anything other than clarity and a deep sense of peace around what it means to love yourself and heal yourself, I can, however, provide really helpful advice to get clear on both of your transits and possible karmic contracts to each other.

I can help with good dates, peace of mind, and beautiful self-love work- as well as provide connection focused advice to improve your relationship to your self and the other.

This is a follow up reading. You MUST have had a Golden Shadow Session with me before.

Please have your journal and be ready with a clear energetic space.

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If you have an emergency or don't see a time that works for you, click the contact tab and ask me about it.