The Sacred Hierophant 6 Month life coaching program is for those looking to work with Lauren on a monthly basis for 6 months of time at a monthly investment of $222. This is an open enrollment program, meaning you can join this at anytime of the year.

Your personal program will exist, but not be limited around the following themes:

  • Spiritual Deconstruction Coaching
  • Astrology, Tarot, and Intuitive Coaching
  • Spiritual Direction Coaching/Deconstruction Coaching
  • Psychic Readings, Mediumship, etc.
  • Embodiment Work: Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Pathworking, etc.

Please note this is not a business mentorship offering. This offering is specific to your personal life and healing. It is meant to be experienced, I not teaching you how to run your business or giving professional mentorship advice in this offering.

This tier starts with those that have had their Golden Shadow and are a previous client.

***Please read my IMPORTANT COVID NOTICE***

The Layout is as follows

  • Six 90 minute monthly sessions focused on your personal goals and needs.
  • We will set goals and check in monthly to make sure you are on track and lining up.
  • Sessions will depend on the needs of the client, unless otherwise stated there is a specific type of work needed previously discussed.
  • This is a very small offering- only 6 per 6 months. grab your spot, and recognize you have access to everything below as well such as coven benefits too.
  • This offering is specific to any type of needs unlike Ancestral Witch, which is speficailly geared towards Lineage Repair and AncesTRY Magick.
  • Client that will get the most out of this offering are those that feel specifically called to work with Lauren Wilde and need a lot of intentional one on one support before they dive into Lauren's programs.

Additional Benefits:

This tier is for those that want to support Lauren in all the work she provides on a greater level to see the collective consciousness shift one fractal (person) at a time. Every little bit counts and helps Lauren be both a great mama, teacher, and educator.

For your contribution you will receive :

  • Monthly Channeled Moon Recording focused on the current Zodiac Season, the next lunar cycle, a recommended ritual, and practical magick recommendations (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Access to Wildehearts Coven
  • Gratitude Magick From me :)
  • You will receive a base level WEEKLY oracle practice known as Mystic Monday. Lauren will walk you through the basic weekly astrological energies via writing and give you an opportunity to pick a card based on the picture on the screen.. she will also send you the reveal and you can apply it to your personal situation. It's good magick and medicine to look forward to weekly.
  • The bonus addition of the Weekly Mystic Monday as well as a recorded video/talk about the weekly astrological energetic forecast and how it will effect each sign based on rising sign.
  • Weekly Tarot Spread Theme and Journal Prompt to encourage the furthering of your reclaiming and alchemical process.
  • One new moon inspired monthly spotify playlist to inspire you through this lunar phase
  • One 30min+ Video Recorded Class a MONTH on a topics ranging from Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Shielding, Yoga, Meditation, Essential Oils, Ritual Crafting, Candle Magick, etc...
  • 6 personal LIVE 90 min reading with Lauren per month: combining tarot and astrology and intuitive channeling, meditation and path working and monthly life coaching using the zoom online webinar.

This program is a 6 month commitment.

Zoom sessions must be scheduled during posted work hours with at least 3 days notice. If you are really wanting to get clear in your life on a monthly basis this is an awesome self care investment for yourself.